Starting from a clean sheet, we had the opportunity in setting up BAND to provide clients with a service based on the very latest design and construction industry technology. This is Building Information Modelling, or BIM. Simply put, a Building Information Model is an intelligent 3D model in which every object knows what it is, where it is, how big it is and what it is made of. * The process of creating a BIM Model uses the latest technology that allows the designers, engineers, contractors and end user clients to work collaboratively within one 3D model, rather than the creation of many individual drawings and documents associated with the traditional process. All BAND Architects projects, regardless of scale or value are delivered using BIM. As a minimum we would achieve industry level 1.

For our clients this enables a fully interactive experience with the ability to walk through a rendered model of the building on their tablet or phone. We use this extensively in the early stages of the project as a design and presentation tool that helps clients understand the scheme and therefore make informed decisions during the design process. It increases productivity and reduces design risk. It enables all members of the project team (engineers, contractors, clients) to understand the whole design and examine every interface and detail on the job. As the model develops to construction stage, the model viewer also has access to all of the documents for the projects; section, plans, elevations etc. This enables the project team to access all of the project documentation from the same model space.

If other consultants and contractors involved also use BIM, collaboration across the whole team in one model can be achieved, also known as BIM Level 2. BIM Models from all disciplines can be exchanged to produce a fully integrated and coordinated design. For clients this further reduces design/construction risk, productivity and generates efficiencies.